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  Our Well Wishers
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Rahman R Jilani Mandy Neville Joe Whittaker Louise Cole Evemarie Knust Potter Harald J. Kolmar New
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Johannes Bircher, MD Lena Choudhary Salter Navin Kikabhai Philip Sebastian Potter    
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1 Consent Letter of Navin Kikabhai, University of Bedfordshire 5th July 2013 283 KB
2 Consent Letter of Rahman R Jilanii, Sir William Beveridge Foundation 10th June 2013 0 3.13 MB
3 Consent Letter of Louise Cole, Director of Development, Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education 9th June 2013 992 KB
4 Consent Letter of Mandy Neville, Potford's Dam Farm 9th June 2013 1.11 MB