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  The following facilities are available in NYSASDRI SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM AND SOCIAL WORK (NSJS).
  • Aesthetic look of the campus
  • General and Tutorial class
  • Canteen and tea stall
  • Hostel for students
  • Playground for outdoor game
  • Auditorium
  • Library
  Dynamic teaching and non-teaching personnel:
  NSJS has deployed dynamic and highly educated, experienced teaching and non-teaching staff in different section. In addition to this distinguished professors of foreign universities are associated with college as guest faculties
  . Teaching is mostly imparted through participatory approaches.

Residential facilities / hostel:

  There are two separate hostels for boys and girls. Each of the hostels has strength of 60. The Hostel is well equipped and very near to the canteen. The hostels are guided by competent superintendents (one female & male). Two care- takers are working as supportive staffs of the hostel and they are available 24 hours in the college campus.
  Air conditioned library facilities with text and reference books, journals, magazines, and biography are available in soft and hard copy. Sitting and reading facilities are also available separately for boys and girls.
  Spacious & well-designed auditorium is dedicated for the college to hold symposia, seminars, meetings and cultural events of the students of different types.
  Career counseling:
  It is the mandatory responsibility of NSJS to take care of each student. Regular counseling and introduction by the director of the institution is done to boost the morale of the students. Competent staff is in charge of career counseling who advice the students in different career prospects. Besides this, eminent career counselors are invited to interact with the students.
  Dress code:
  Use of school uniform is mandatory during class hours and in rest of the time students can use formal dress. During outside visit students should follow the local culture and use dress accordingly.
  Scholarship/award and recognition:
  There is a provision for scholarship and awards to meritorious students. Merit is judged through performance, punctuality, discipline, leadership, qualities etc.
All the students and staff of NSJS can avail canteen facilities. Both Veg and non-Veg food stuffs are available in the prescribed time of the canteen. Special food can be served on different occasions and festivals to the students and staffs. Use of alcohol is prohibited within the canteen as well as inside the school campus.
  Study tour/Rural camps:
NSJS has ample scopes for arranging study tour to renowned national and international institutes for beneficial exchange of ideas. In the other hand students from different national and international educational institutions avail facilities in NSJS to enrich their knowledge & outlook on different aspects.
As part of academic curriculum the students are guided/encouraged to witness the rural life styles by spending weeklong visits to remote villages. Accordingly they share their observation reports and interpretation out of it.
  Dissertation and internship:
  NSJS offers dissertation and internship work (as per norm of concerned course) to different premier institutions in its own working areas.
  Placement service:
  NSJS offers placement service for students who qualify with the expected result.