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  Campus Infrastructure:
  NSJS has excellent infrastructure of academic units. Class rooms are well equipped with sitting arrangements for more than 60 students. The campus has a land area of more than 5 acres. For better maintenance and safety and security measures the campus is surrounded with compound wall and in the entrance having the huge gate with security personnel. The campus is beautified with lustrous greeneries, ornamental plants and flowers to keep the mind and body soothing.
  NSJS has hostel facilities for out station students (Separately for males & females) within the campus. Non AC dormitories are available separately for both boys and girls. For the accommodation and other contingent expenses of boarding facilities, students who desire to stay in the hostel have to mention so through application. Regarding the accommodation and other establishment expenses, an amount of Rs12, 000/ would be charged per annum which is to be deposited at the time of admission. With regard to food expenses, the students have to pay the mess dues as per their choice of food items .Each of the hostels has strength of 60. The hostels are guided by competent superintendents (one female and one male). Two care-takers are working as supportive staff of the hostel and they are available 24 hours in the campus.


  Library facilities with text and reference books, journals, magazines, and biography are available in soft and hard copy. Sitting and reading facilities are also available separately for the students.
  The primary purpose of NSJS library is to provide resources and services to students for education, information and personal development. Library includes books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, dissertations, reports and more.
  This educational platform helps students for making progress. NSJS has been regularly enriching its library with new collection of books & reference materials. Keeping in view of the varied subjects in the syllabuses of PG students books have been procured and well maintained in the library.
  Following rules and norm are to be followed for accessing the library of NSJS.
  • The Library is open to all the Students, Faculties and Staffs of NSJS.
  • To access the library, every student has to be a member and register his/her name. After registration every student will be issued with one library card. A reader who misses a cars shall follow the stipulated process including remittance of Rs.20 as a fine to get another card.
  • At a time a student will be issued one book/reference material from library for a period of 4 days. A reader who fails to return a book on the due date will be charged a sum of 50 paisa per day as fine till he/she returns the book. Such a reader will not be allowed to use the library till the book is returned and fine paid. A book may be renewed for a further period of 4 days when : (a) No other reader has applied for the book in the meantime and not more than two consecutive renewals may be made for the same book.
  • At the end of each semester before receiving the hall ticket, the student should return all the books to the library. Without a clearance certificate (NO DUE) to this effect from the Librarian, NSJS will not permit a student to write the End Semester Examination.
  • The Provisional / Diploma and Certificate shall be issued to the students only after they return all the books and remit dues outstanding against them.
  • Dictionaries and books which might be difficult to replace and such other books declared as Reference Books shall not be issued to students. They can refer such books in library during study hours.
  • Readers shall be responsible for any damage done to the books or other property belonging to the Library of NSJS. If the replacement of the books or other properties is not possible, four times the value of the book/property may be collected from the student concerned. Date label and book pockets shall not be tampered with. Serious notice will be taken on any violation of this rule.
  Other amenities:
  The following other facilities are available in NYSASDRI SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM AND SOCIAL WORK (NSJS).
  • Aesthetic look of the campus
  • General and Tutorial class
  • Meeting and counseling unit
  • Playground for outdoor game
  Large playground inside the campus encourages the students for out- door games like Volley ball, badminton, Kabadi etc. Besides this the boarders use the ground for morning warm up sessions.
  Auditorium :
  Spacious & well-designed auditorium is dedicated for the college to hold symposia, seminars, meetings and cultural events of the students of different types
  Efficient Faculties :
  Dynamic, highly educated and experienced teaching and non-teaching staffs are deployed in different sections of the institution. NSJS has empaneled distinguished professors of Indian & foreign universities as guest faculties too. Teaching is imparted through participatory method. In case of need teaching is conducted through digital (Zoom) mode to students. The class rooms are also equipped to use multimedia for effective communication and comprehension of students.

Scholarship/award and recognition:


There is a provision for scholarship and awards to meritorious students. Merit is judged through performance, punctuality, discipline, leadership qualities etc.


Study tour/Rural camps:


NSJS has ample scopes for arranging study tour to renowned national and international institutes for beneficial exchange of ideas. In the other hand students from different national and international educational institutions avail facilities in NSJS to enrich their knowledge & outlook on different aspects.
As part of academic curriculum the students are guided/encouraged to witness the rural life styles by spending weeklong visits to remote villages. Accordingly they share their observation reports and interpretation out of it.


Tutorial teaching sessions are imparted to small group of students, who find difficulty of assimilating the subject in class rooms. For such students special teaching sessions are organised by the faculties.


English Fluency Coaching:


In order to encourage shy, nervous, or less confident students to communicate in English special classes are taken by the communication team . Besides these mandatory speaking of English inside the campus has been adopted.


Dissertation and internship:


NSJS offers dissertation and internship work (as per norm of concerned course) to different premier institutions in its own working areas.


Research/Study/Survey for hands on experience:


Besides the curricular prescriptions of organising rural camp, field work, dissertation etc. the students are also exercised with short term household surveys, data compilation, village meetings, etc. The students are given practical training on household survey, interviewing the respondents and reporting with case studies. 
Students are engaged in small research cum action project on “Self Help support to Persons with differently abled for economic rehabilitation”. Besides the identification of differently abled from door to door survey, they support for their group formation, bank linkage and micro-credit assistance.


Career counselling:


A Career Counselling & Placement Cell is established with the deployment of senior and experienced faculties. The faculties help the students to shape their career, by developing essential employability skills to compete in current market scenario. Besides this, eminent career counsellors are invited to interact with the students.NSJS offers placement service for students who qualify with expected results. So far more than 90% of the passed out students have been engaged with jobs in various agencies.


Placement service:


NSJS offers placement service for students who qualify with the expected result. The Placement unit comprising the senior faculties communicate the potential employers (particularly of NGO backgrounds) to conduct campus selection of outgoing students.